Duties and Responsibilities

Directorate of Support Systems organizes entire substructure and transportation services of the University in tandem with structure and real-estate works in general; it procures essential tools, equipment, materials and goods and keeps the records. To ensure that needed services and activities are executed cost-effectively and efficiently in time due course, the Directorate secures optimal blend of available laborforce, finance and material resources. 

As Directorate of Support Systems our duties are;

Providing security of buildings, personnel and students through the service of "professional companies" and auditing provided services at regular intervals;

  • Providing the cleaning works through the service of professional teams and  modern equipment and auditing  provided services at regular intervals,
  • Providing the management of dining halls, cafeteria and social facilities  through the service of professional competent personnel or companies; auditing and observing provided services at regular intervals,
  • Providing maintenance, repair, housing, landscaping and environmental works,  
  • Forming and activating Civil Protection and Environmental Safety teams and  auditing their works at regular intervals,
  • If need be, organizing reception and presentation events on behalf of the   University; attending wreath-laying ceremonies,
  • Registering and recording available belongings.